Autumn is coming!

06 Noviembre 2017

We are already in November and we are beginning to notice the arrival of autumn... Did you know that this season could be the perfect time to visit the province of Cadiz?


We Andalusians have been wearing short-sleeved shirts until two days ago, but now, suddenly, autumn has arrived! The temperatures have dropped a little, but we still have wonderful 18 or 19 degrees. Therefore, walking through the streets of El Puerto in the afternoon is still very pleasant.

It has also rained a little, although do not forget that the south of Spain is a quite dry area, we enjoy about 300 sunny days per year!

And what does autumn entail in Andalusia? In autumn, the beautiful Andalusian landscapes change color, we can hear the deer in the mountains and we smell roasted chestnuts in the street of any town or city. It is also a good time to savor delicious mushrooms and quince.

If you want to visit Andalusia at this time of year, here are some recommendations:

  • Visit some of our numerous Natural Parks. We recommend Doñana, which measures more than 54,000 hectares and is a unique place in the world, where you can observe numerous plants and animals but, especially birds, that travel from northern Europe to Africa and, on your trip, go through Doñana.
  • Visit the white villages of Cádiz: Romantic travelers who came to Spain during the 19th century fell in love with the white villages. They are unique places, where we can observe our mix of cultures: Christian, Jewish and Muslim.
  • Our beaches, also in autumn: Who said that the beaches are only for the summer? In autumn we can also enjoy the beach, but in a different way. Stroll along the shore or sit on a terrace facing the sea, now that the temperature is still nice.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy the Andalusian autumn. Are you coming to visit us? :-)


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