English and Spanish expressions with parts of the body

23 Junio 2017

Let's learn some expressions in English and Spanish based on the parts of the body!

Meaning: Something that is very expensive.

English expression: To cost someone an arm and a leg. The new house cost an arm and a leg.

Spanish expression: Costar un ojo de la cara. La nueva casa costó un ojo de la cara.


Meaning: Something that is very long.

English expression: As long as your arm. The queue for the cinema was as long as your arm.

Spanish expression: Ser más largo que un día sin pan. La cola para el cine era más larga que un día sin pan.


Meaning: To have a very good relationship with someone.

English expression: Be hand in glove with someone. María is hand in glove with her father.

Spanish expression: Ser uña y carne con alguien. María y su padre son uña y carne.


Meaning: To help someone.

English expression: To give someone a hand. Paco gave me a hand to start my bussines.

Spanish expression: Echar una mano a alguien. Paco me echó una mano para empezar mi negocio.


Meaning: To cry a lot.

English expression: To cry one's eyes out. The girl cried her eyes out because she had lost her doll.

Spanish expression: Llorar a mares. La niña lloró a mares porque había perdido su muñeca.


Meaning: A person that pays attention to everything.

English expression: To have eyes in the back of one's head. My mother has eyes in the back of her head.

Spanish expression: Tener ojos en todas partes. Mi madre tiene ojos en todas partes.




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