February 28th: Andalusians celebrate their day!

24 Febrero 2017

February 28th is a special day in Andalusia. But what do we exactly celebrate? And why? Find out on our blog!


On February 28th we celebrate that on the same day, but in 1980, the Andalusians went to vote in a referendum, and we decided to become an autonomous community. One year later, on December 30th, 1981, the Statute of Autonomy of Andalusia was finally approved. A Statute of Autonomy is a document that collects the basic norms of an autonomous community at institutional level. That is, the Statute of Autonomy includes: name of the autonomous community, territory, government, institutions, competencies ... All the essential information!

Andalusia managed to become an autonomous community in a much faster way than other autonomous communities. Why? Thanks to popular support! Many demonstrations were held throughout Andalusia. We must highlight the demonstrations held on December 4th, 1979, which involved more than 2 million people.

During February 28th, many events and celebrations take place in different parts of Andalusia: flag raising, official events, cultural activities ... In Seville, the Medals of Andalusia are given to those people or institutions related to Andalusia that have highlighted in any field. For example: Paco de Lucía (famous guitarist), Joaquín Sabina (singer), Antonio Banderas (actor), Victorio & Lucchino (fashion designers), Veterinary Faculty of Córdoba, José Saramago (writer), Alejandro Sanz (singer). In all these acts, it is very frequent to sing the hymn of Andalusia.

The hymn of Andalusia was composed by Blas Infante, considered the "father of Andalusia", who adapted a popular song of the Andalusian peasants. Here you can find the video with subtitles so you can hear it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xwwntp91XA

Happy Day of Andalusia!


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