What to do in El Puerto de Santa María? Calendar of events in summer!

09 Junio 2017

During the summer, there are many things to do in El Puerto de Santa María. If you want to know our agenda of events, do not miss the blog today.



Monkey Weekend (June 16 and 17, city center)
Monkey is our international independent music festival. This festival was born in El Puerto de Santa María and was originally celebrated in the fall. Now, the Monkey returns in summer as Monkey Weekend, to take the best independent music to the bars and squares of El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Festival de Rock Andaluz
(Andalusian Rock Festival) (June 17, bullring of El Puerto de Santa María)
Andalusian rock is a cultural and musical movement that existed in Andalusia between the 60s and the 80s. It consists of a mixture of flamenco and progressive rock, and continues to be a very popular style of music nowadays. In this festivalwill participate the most representative band of this style, Triana, with the collaboration of Medina Azahara and Alameda.

El Puerto Suena
(El Puerto sounds) (throughout the summer, bullring of El Puerto de Santa María)
Thanks to the initiative El Puerto Suena, our city will host some of the most famous singers in Spanish music this summer. The concert of the popular David Bisbal, on August 19 th, is probably the most expected one, but we will also enjoy concerts of India Martínez, Melendi and Vanesa Martín

X Bahia Jazz Festival (13-15 July, Osborne Wineries)
The Bahía Jazz Festival was born 10 years ago. The festival takes place in several cities of the Bay of Cadiz simultaneously and brings together jazz musicians from all over the world.


Insomnia - II Festival de Cine Fantástico de El Puerto de Santa María
(Fantastic Film Festival of El Puerto de Santa Maria) (July 19-22, San Agustín)
Insomnia returns! This young festival is already well known in our city thanks to its good organization and the quality of the shorts and films that are projected. The entrance is always free. You can enjoy science fiction and horror movies, outdoors and with a great atmosphere.


XXVI Festival de Teatro de Comedias
(Comedy Theater Festival) (5-25 August, San Luis Gonzaga Schoolyard)
This festival began in 1991 in a very special place: the beautiful porticoed courtyard of the San Luis Gonzaga School. Since then, this festival has improved its quality and popularity and is currently a national reference, offering some of the best plays in the country. In addition, the festival also includes theatrical performances on the street, which are totally free.




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