Zambombás time has already started!

24 Noviembre 2017

Today we will discover the most typical Christmas party in Cadiz: the fun zambombás

The name of this party comes from the musical instrument zambomba, a traditional Christmas instrument in Andalusia. We also find zambombas in the rest of Spain and in some countries of Latin America, but it is here, in Cadiz, where the musical instrument has become a party.

The origin of the party is in the neighboring city of Jerez de la Frontera, in the eighteenth century. Traditionally, at Christmas, neighbors gathered around a campfire to drink, eat and sing Christmas carols. And, of course, you can not miss the most important thing: a zambomba. The traditional carols are sung in a very flamenco style, which is accompanied by clapping and dance.

At present, this tradition has spread throughout the province of Cadiz and is an essential part of Christmas.

The zambombás are usually held in the main squares or streets of the city. Also, it is very usual to organize zambombás in the bars or pubs, in the associations of neighbors, etc. A flamenco group puts the music and people join them to sing and enjoy. Everyone can participate, even some are encouraged to dance to the music.

It sounds like fun, doesn't it? There is still more! The zambombás also offer traditional Christmas sweets (pestiños, polvorones ...), with some sherry wine.

Here you have a video of a zambombá held in a square in El Puerto de Santa María:

This Christmas, we will have more than 80 zambombás in El Puerto de Santa María. You are all invited!


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