Introduction to El Puerto de Santa María

In the summer, sunflower filled fields line the hills of andalusia

El Puerto de Santa Maria boast many historical buildings that date back to the time of Christopher Columbus and before

El Puerto de Santa María is a pinturesque coastal town, of an average size (about 85,000 inhabitants), located in the south-est of Spain, in the region of Andalusia, at the Bay of Cádiz.

In El Puerto de Santa María we enjoy an incredible climate, not too cold winters and warm summers, and few rainy days, because we enjoy more than 300 hours of sunshine per year.

Thanks to its climate and its rich typical Andalusian culture, its wonderful beaches and the hospitality and happiness of its inhabitants, El Puerto de Santa María is a touristic reference in the Bay of Cádiz, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Besides its natural wealth, El Puerto also has a huge cultural wealth as a result of the heritage from its long history. People from El Puerto or portuenses are hospitable and kind, and they enjoy spending their free time on the terraces in the city centre or at the beach. El Puerto is a safe city.

The religion of the majority of the population is Catholicism, like in rest of Spain.

Portuenses rarely speak English, exept young people, but they are very sociable and will surely try to help you solve any problem.

Gastronomy is also important. The typical dish of this area is fried fish. We recommend that you visit some bars and try the famous tapas and the Sherry wine.

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