Activities in El Puerto de Santa María - Local events

You are invited to participate in our local festivities!

Flamenco Spring Fair (Feria).

April/May - It´s always held in spring, and always after Easter. Five days of dancing, drinking, eating and socialising. From Thursday to Monday, from midday until the early hours of the morning. Women wearing Flamenco dresses, carriages and horseriders riding around the avenues of the fairground, the popular dance of Sevillanas - taken from the rhythms of gypsy music - in every stand, the Sherry wine...a combination of all of these is our Spring Fair.


It is the most dazzling carnival town in Spain, famous for its amusing and creative characters and satirical song groups. Groups and associations throughout the city spend the entire year preparing for the carnival. Such dedication deserves more than just a weekend, the celebration going for at least 10 days!


Moto GP is the premier motorcycling championship in the world with a season that includes 18 Grand Prix in 16 countries. The Spanish Grand Prix at the Jerez Circuit is one of them. the Jerez Motorcycle Grand Prix is held always in Spring, between April and May every year.

Easter Week.

Every year, Andalusia gets ready to convert its streets and squares into the stage for a representation which is always the same, yet always different. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the people go out on the street in their Sunday best to celebrate the Passion, amidst the traditional religious fervoursand Processions of elaborately decorated floats with Jesus and Mary iamges. It is an amazing experience, and a great time to come to Andalucia.


Our famous nightlife doesn't get started until close to midnight in the old centre and usually ends after sunrise, which is best seen from the bars on the Palm tree lined beaches. Dozens of pubs, bars, discos, clubs and terraces to experience the nightlife in El Puerto de Santa María!

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